Fuse'n Beads

Handmade glassy creations by Judith. Trying my hand at stained glass about 10 years ago is when I first fell in love with the amazing medium that is glass. I dabbled in traditional leaded techniques and more significantly the Tiffany method of construction. I started making lampwork beads in the summer of 2010 and since the first moment I lit my torch I was hooked. The design of my beads is often inspired by nature but their shape and form is also the simple results of time spent playing with molten glass. Experimenting with fused glass using a tiny microwave kiln led me to choosing a kiln for annealing my beads which was also roomy enough for creating fused glass pieces on a slightly larger scale. I use soft glass, mostly Effetre, Cim and Reichenbach for my lampwork beads and Bullseye glass for fusing...